Saturday, March 21, 1992

Why, hello. I see you've clicked on 'More' which means you've found an interest to get to know me better, eh? Before you continue reading on about me in a nutshell, I shall give you the heads up that this is my former blog, but definitely not my first blog. Feel free to roam around and read my old posts through the archives if you'd like.

(Taken on the day of my Diploma graduation.)
I am a twenty-something university student who's happily living off her parents, but I hope that someday soon, I'd find my own foothold somewhere else. I love my family and friends with every fibre in my being and I would be more than willing to travel to the ends of the earth for any of them if the need arises.

I am not much of a people person. It takes me a long time or probably never at all to warm up to someone new but when I eventually do, it will get scalding hot, in a good and decent way, might I add. (So, really, don't be shy or intimidated, just talk to me. More often than not, I think I'd be more shy or intimidated.)

I am very much into the serenity and tranquility of silence and space. I am usually huddled in my room with either a good movie on my lappy (which I proudly named Trent) or a good book in my hands (I love, love, absolutely love reading) when I am not out hanging out with my friends or going out on dates. On certain days, I like to give the beach a visit and take long promenades with the sun slowly setting in the background. I also like taking pictures of myself in the dressing room to remind me of what I can't have and what I should have. I also love fashion and I am pretty keen of photography. (Check out my Lookbook and hype me please?)

Honestly, I suppose I am just an ordinary girl who is trying her best to live her life to the fullest and in the midst of figuring out who she truly is.

Oh and I love to write and the sole reason for my blog is because one of my biggest fears is that I will one day lose all of my memories.

P/S: It's highly unlikely to simply put everything about myself into words, so, yeah. I suppose you will have to get to know me personally if you are really interested. This is my Twitter and this is my Facebook account. Ask me anything here and I would be delighted to answer your enquiries. Or you can simply just leave comments on my blog. However, if you'd like a more personal approach, you may e-mail me at :)


Anonymous said...

Formspring is closing on Monday, 15Apr, what remains your best question and answer?

Adam said...

I love you

Adam said...

Xin, I am sorry for everything I ever did to your heart, mentally, physically, spiritually. I am also very sorry for posting all the profanity questions that may lead to your mood temperament. I was bored and desperate. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Check this out!